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Fourpak Packet Radio Group

Who's Who

This page contains brief biographies of some key Fourpak people.

Steve Perkins G4FPV

Picture of G4FPV Steve is our club chairman, and one of the founder members of Fourpak. He is also Technical Manager of Gloucestershire Repeater Group, sysop of the MLVN node and GB7GLO mailbox, and assistant sysop of the GLOS node.

He had a technical education at school and Technical College, obtaining a HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is a civil servant working on specialised communication projects In his spare time, he plays the Tuba in the Malvern Hills District Brass Band and is their treasurer.

Steve’s amateur radio interests lie mainly in VHF and above, and he has constructed equipment ranging from 2m mobile to 10 GHz WBFM. Since 1987 he has been mainly interested in packet radio, and would like to see the establishment of an integrated national trunk network.

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Paula G8PZT

Picture of Paula Paula is Fourpak secretary, sysop of the KIDDER node, GB7PZT mailbox, KidderLink VOIP gateway, and GB3KD 2m repeater, and a founder member of and technical advisor to the Wyre Forest Repeater Group. She is university educated, with a B.Sc. degree in Medical Electronics, and is a qualified medical radiographer.

A dedicated class B with little interest in HF, her amateur radio interests lie mainly in the fields of RF data link planning and implementation, duplexing and repeater techniques, and the writing of data communication software. She has designed and constructed pieces of equipment. However, she has a love-hate relationship with technology, and firmly believes that for the end user it should be as unobtrusive and simple to operate as a kitchen tap.

Her passions outside amateur radio include reading and writing, gardening, guitar playing, choral singing, clubbing, classical and dance music, midi sequencing, home brewing, real ale, history, geography and archaeology, art, photography, environmental issues, cats, curry and Cornwall.

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Nick Negus G6AWT

Picture of Nick G6AWT Nick is a Fourpak committee member, our newsletter editor, and the chairman of Gloucestershire Repeater Group. He is 49 years of age, and his qualifications include Member Inst. Of Occupational Safety & Health, and Member Inst. Incorporated Engineers (Electronics). He is currently working as an RFI / EMC engineer for central government.

His hobbies, other than amateur radio, include Caving and Potholing, and he is a member of the Campaign For Real Ale.

Nick possesses good organisational skills and has a great energy and enthusiasm which is a valuable asset to the group.

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Richard Newton G0EWH

Picture of Richard Newton G0EWH Richard is our treasurer, and one of our newer members. His professional qualifications include IEng MIIE(elec), and he is now retired from a career in Telecommunications. His specialities are Packet Radio, PMR equipment, and construction.

Richard is a dog owner, and his other interests include caravanning, DIY and some walking.

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Stewart Wilkinson G0LGS

Picture of Stewart Wilkinson G0LGS Stewart is one of our committee members, and is also treasurer of Gloucestershire Repeater Group, sysop of GB7LGS and GLOS, and co-sysop of GB7FD, and GB7RR.

He has an HNC in Electronics, taken as part of MOD apprenticeship, and is currently working with a variety of computers (mainly PC’s), network and communications equipment. He is also a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

His amateur radio interest is Packet Radio, especially TCP/IP.

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